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 This league will consist of 64 teams divided in to 8 leagues,with 10 teams within each league.

Week 1 through week 16 - Regular season

Week 17 - Round One (64)

Week 18 - Round Two of (32)

Week 19 - Sweet Sixteen 

Week 20 - Elite Eight

Week 21 - Final Four

Week 22 - is Championship Week

Weeks 1 through 16 will be tracked on ESPN.
Based on each league ranking, seedings will be dealt out and tracked here. Seeding will be done based on each teams record at the end of week 16 and the brackets will be set-up based on those seedings and the region you play in. 

--The Bottom 2 Teams Of Each Division Will NOT Be Included--

There are 4 different regions and each region has 2 seperate leagues within it. 
The top and bottom of each region will be seeded 1-16 based on records, points scored and if need be the most points scored against. From there, the following 6 weeks will follow through just like the NCAA Basketball tournament and a champion will be crowned.