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This is a sprinkle of the NCAA Format using Polls and Bowl Games.

No College Players involved.Only NFL Players.

Just throwing a College Football feel in to it.

H2H--Snake Draft--PPR

ESPN-There's a total of 144 Teams (12 Leagues)

Yahoo-There's a total of 84 Teams (7 Leagues)

Every league will be split in to 2 separate divisions(6 & 6).

After 11 weeks,we will crown 2 Divison Winners.

Those two teams will meet in week 12 for the Conference Championship
in a non-scheduled ESPN-Yahoo fantasy game calculated here.

ESPN-From there, we will then place 70 teams in to 35
different Bowl Games for Week 13 and those games will also be done here.

Yahoo-From there, we will then place 40 teams in to 20 

different Bowl Games for Week 13 and those games will also be done here.


The top 6 teams in the Top 25 Rankings, will compete for the custom ring and fanhands gloves.

Week 13.....

Top 2 will receive a bye.

3 vs 6 & 4 vs 5

Week 14.....

1 vs lowest ranked left.

2 vs highest ranked left.

Week 15.....

Last remaining teams face-off.



Thanks for the prizes from @thefantasyrings & @fanhands




Your asking,"Will my Bowl Game Opponent have the same QB as me or RB?"

Yes,this could happen.

This becomes a strategy for you now.

Do you sit him for another and try to accumulate more pts?

Do you stick with canceling out pts vs 1 another instead?


Wondering how these Bowl Match-Ups are decided?

There will be 2 polls involved in our ranking system.Both polls will
be combined to make up what will be the ranking
system for ESPN & Yahoo.

We will have a computer algorithm that takes into account wins and
losses...single game high and low scores & total points for and

We will also have what is the equivalent of a coach’s poll. This poll
will not represent all 120 coaches but just 20 coaches. There are few
reasons as to why just 20 coaches are to be involved in the coach’s
poll. The first and primary reason is responsibility. Not every team
owner can be committed to look and review all the teams.It does & will

take some time.

Another reason as to only having 20 coaches involved in the coach’s
poll is the issue of time. Gathering the information offered by the 20
coaches and computing with the computer rankings,is going to be time
consuming enough. Having all 120 coaches involved in the coach’s poll
would just be too demanding to compute.

A third reason concerning only 20 coaches involved in the coaches poll
is bias. It is much easier to watch and review over 20 coaches and how
their votes are applied to the poll then it would be to watch over
120. Any coach that appears to be showing a bias toward their team and
or their conference,will be removed from the coaches poll & replaced.

Like to be on the Coaches Poll?Speak up & let me know.

Sounds like a lot..I know,but it does work.I have participated in this
concept before & it is a lot of fun.Leads to many different
discussions for sure.